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AI for our Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game in Java on the SSaurel's Channel
private Item nextMove(Item prev) {
if (nbThrows < 1) {
// first move => we can't use Markov Chain prediction
// so we use a random on the Item list
return Item.values()[RANDOM.nextInt(Item.values().length)];
// we try to predict next Item choosen by the user by reading data in our Markov Chain
// for the prev entry in the array
int nextIndex = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < Item.values().length; i++) {
int prevIndex = prev.ordinal();
if (markovChain[prevIndex][i] > markovChain[prevIndex][nextIndex]) {
nextIndex = i;
// Item probably played by the user is in nextIndex
Item predictedNext = Item.values()[nextIndex];
// we choose amongst item for which this probably item loses
List<Item> losesTo = predictedNext.losesTo;
return losesTo.get(RANDOM.nextInt(losesTo.size()));
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