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SOUND_MAP init for the SSaurel's Channel
static {
// white keys sounds
SOUND_MAP.put(1, "note_do");
SOUND_MAP.put(2, "note_re");
SOUND_MAP.put(3, "note_mi");
SOUND_MAP.put(4, "note_fa");
SOUND_MAP.put(5, "note_sol");
SOUND_MAP.put(6, "note_la");
SOUND_MAP.put(7, "note_si");
SOUND_MAP.put(8, "second_do");
SOUND_MAP.put(9, "second_re");
SOUND_MAP.put(10, "second_mi");
SOUND_MAP.put(11, "second_fa");
SOUND_MAP.put(12, "second_sol");
SOUND_MAP.put(13, "second_la");
SOUND_MAP.put(14, "second_si");
// black keys sounds
SOUND_MAP.put(15, "do_dies");
SOUND_MAP.put(16, "re_dies");
SOUND_MAP.put(17, "fa_dies");
SOUND_MAP.put(18, "sol_dies");
SOUND_MAP.put(19, "la_dies");
SOUND_MAP.put(20, "second_dies_do");
SOUND_MAP.put(21, "second_dies_re");
SOUND_MAP.put(22, "second_dies_fa");
SOUND_MAP.put(23, "second_dies_sol");
SOUND_MAP.put(24, "second_dies_la");
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