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TreeNode implementation for the Twenty Questions tutorial on the SSaurel's Channel
package com.ssaurel.twentyquestions;
// We will use a Binary Tree to represent the questions
// for guessing what user thinks about
// So we need to represent tree nodes
public class TreeNode {
enum Type {
ANSWER, QUESTION // nodes are answer or question
public static final String QUESTION_FLAG = "Q:";
public static final String ANSWER_FLAG = "A:";
public String data;
public Type type;
// if tree node is a question, he has two children (one for yes, one for no)
public TreeNode yes;
public TreeNode no;
public TreeNode() {
public TreeNode(String data, Type type) { = data;
this.type = type;
public boolean isQuestion() {
return Type.QUESTION.equals(type);
public void setData(String data) {
type = Type.QUESTION;
if (data.startsWith(ANSWER_FLAG)) {
type = Type.ANSWER;
} = data.substring(2); // we remove question or answer flag
public void addYes(TreeNode yes) {
this.yes = yes;
public void addNo(TreeNode no) { = no;
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