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Iterative In Order Traversal in Java on the SSaurel's Channel
public static <T> void iterativeInOrderTraverse(Node<T> node) {
if (node == null)
// We create an empty stack
Stack<Node<T>> nodeStack = new Stack<>();
Node<T> currentNode = node;
// We traverse the tree
while (currentNode != null || nodeStack.size() > 0) {
// We try to reach the most left node of the current node
while (currentNode != null) {
// We add the pointer to the stack before traversing to the left node
currentNode = currentNode.left;
// Current Node is null a this point
currentNode = nodeStack.pop();
System.out.print( + " ");
// Now, it's time to visit the right subtree
currentNode = currentNode.right;
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