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Last active August 29, 2015 14:02
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for r in rally.get("User Story', fetch=True, query=""):
full_resource_url = "%s/analytics/v2.0/service/rally/workspace/%s/artifact/snapshot/query.js" % ("", r.Workspace.oid)
item = {
"find": {
"ObjectID": r.oid
"fields": ["State", "ScheduleState", "_ValidFrom", "_ValidTo", "ObjectID", "FormattedID"],
"hydrate": ["State"],
"compress": True
payload = json.dumps(item)
response =, data=payload, headers=RALLY_REST_HEADERS)
response_dic = json.loads(response.content)
if response_dic['TotalResultCount'] != 0:
for result in response_dic['Results']:
print result
else:"-- no revisions for %s (%s)" % (r.FormattedID, r.oid))
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