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Static duck-typing in F#
let inline inTheForest (a: ^a) =
(^a : (member Quack: unit -> unit) (a))
(^a : (member Feathers: unit -> unit) (a))
type Duck() =
member x.Quack() = printfn "Quaaaaaack!"
member x.Feathers() = printfn "The duck has white and gray feathers."
type Person() =
member x.Quack() = printfn "The person imitates a duck."
member x.Feathers() = printfn "The person takes a feather from the ground and shows it."
type Dove() =
member x.Feathers() = printfn "The pidgin has white feathers"
inTheForest(new Duck())
inTheForest(new Person())
inTheForest(new Dove()) //Compile error: The type 'Dove' does not support the operator 'Quack'.
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