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Created Jun 17, 2013
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Code example of how to remove the first row from a CSV file that is imported by the CSV to SortTable plugin for WordPress. Add this code you your `functions.php` file.
* CSV to SortTable: Remove First Row
* @param array $data
* @return array
function csv_to_sorttable_remove_first_row( $data ) {
array_shift( $data );
return $data;
add_filter( 'csv_to_sorttable_data_array', 'csv_to_sorttable_remove_first_row' );
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sscovil commented Jul 11, 2013

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javiercb commented Dec 21, 2015

Hi sscovil, Great plugin,
I have a question fot you, ¿its posible to show only lines that match a string on certain column?

Something like this

//shows rows that match AR on column 1
[csv src= show=1,AR]

//shows rows that match Oxford on column 0
[csv src= show=0,Oxford]

on the attachmen the image display only rows containing AR as state or oxford as city.

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