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Last active Jan 8, 2022
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Zsh command to make an "incognito mode" for a terminal
# Convenience helper to set up an "incognito mode" for a shell session.
# Installation:
# 1. Create a folder like ~/.zsh/functions
# 2. Add it to your ZSH function path with fpath=(~/.zsh/functions(:A) $fpath) in ~/.zshenv
# 3. Save this script as ~/.zsh/functions/anonsh
# 4. Add `autoload -Uz anonsh` to your ~/.zshrc
# Now you can type `anonsh` in any zsh session
# - Use `clear` to clear both the screen and scrollback buffer
# - Use `fc -p` to clear command history without affecting your usual HISTFILE
# Only store new command history entries in RAM
# Redefine the hardstatus text to "anonsh" so it doesn't show $PWD
# where people can see it when the shell doesn't have focus
# (The zsh_hardstatus_pre* and title functions are part of my .zshrc setup)
if typeset -f zsh_hardstatus_precmd > /dev/null && typeset -f title > /dev/null; then
autoload -Uz add-zsh-hook
add-zsh-hook -d precmd zsh_hardstatus_precmd
add-zsh-hook -d preexec zsh_hardstatus_preexec
function zsh_hardstatus_precmd { title "anonsh" "anonsh"; }
add-zsh-hook precmd zsh_hardstatus_precmd
add-zsh-hook preexec zsh_hardstatus_precmd
# Show ... in the prompt instead of $PWD so it can't give away
# something after running `clear`
# ($base_prompt is a custom part of my .zshrc setup)
if (( ${+base_prompt} )); then
export base_prompt="${base_prompt//%%1~/...}"
export PS1="${PS1//%%1~/...}"
export PS2="${PS2//%%1~/...}"
export PS3="${PS3//%%1~/...}"
export PS4="${PS4//%%1~/...}"
# Redefine "clear" to also clear the GNU screen scrollback buffer and to ask
# for the terminal scrollback buffer to be cleared in as many ways as possible
clear() {
# Call the regular clear command
command clear
# Manually emit all the escapes I know for requesting the terminal be
# cleared and ask GNU Screen to pass it through as a literal
# Source:
printf '\eP\e[2J\e[3J\e[;H\ec\e\\'
# Flush GNU Screen's internal scrollback for this shell
if [ "$TERM" = "screen" ]; then
screen -X scrollback 0
screen -X scrollback 5000
# TODO: Try to find a workaround to call the terminal scrollback-clearing part
# of `clear` on switching GNU screen focus and then refresh the visible
# part from screen's stored copy so nothing anonsh can show accidentally.
# (Without removing the `termcapinfo` line to from ~/.screenrc which
# would disable it when `anonsh` isn't in use.)
# Call `clear` on exit to clear terminal scrollback
zshexit() { clear; }
# vim: set ft=zsh :
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