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Refactored version of Bill Mill's printable calendar code
#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Generate a printable calendar in PDF format, suitable for embedding
into another document.
Tested with Python 2.7.
- Python
- Reportlab
Resources Used:
(Originally present at )
Originally created by Bill Mill on 11/16/05, this script is in the public
domain. There are no express warranties, so if you mess stuff up with this
script, it's not my fault.
Refactored and improved 2017-11-23 by Stephan Sokolow (
- Implement diagonal/overlapped cells for months which touch six weeks to avoid
wasting space on six rows.
from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function,
with_statement, unicode_literals)
__author__ = "Bill Mill; Stephan Sokolow (deitarion/SSokolow)"
__license__ = "CC0-1.0" #
import calendar, collections, datetime
from contextlib import contextmanager
from reportlab.lib import pagesizes
from reportlab.pdfgen.canvas import Canvas
# Supporting languages like French should be as simple as editing this
1: 'st', 2: 'nd', 3: 'rd',
21: 'st', 22: 'nd', 23: 'rd',
31: 'st',
None: 'th'}
# Something to help make code more readable
Font = collections.namedtuple('Font', ['name', 'size'])
Geom = collections.namedtuple('Geom', ['x', 'y', 'width', 'height'])
Size = collections.namedtuple('Size', ['width', 'height'])
def save_state(canvas):
"""Simple context manager to tidy up saving and restoring canvas state"""
def add_calendar_page(canvas, rect, datetime_obj, cell_cb,
"""Create a one-month pdf calendar, and return the canvas
@param rect: A C{Geom} or 4-item iterable of floats defining the shape of
the calendar in points with any margins already applied.
@param datetime_obj: A Python C{datetime} object specifying the month
the calendar should represent.
@param cell_cb: A callback taking (canvas, day, rect, font) as arguments
which will be called to render each cell.
(C{day} will be 0 for empty cells.)
@type canvas: C{reportlab.pdfgen.canvas.Canvas}
@type rect: C{Geom}
@type cell_cb: C{function(Canvas, int, Geom, Font)}
cal = calendar.monthcalendar(datetime_obj.year, datetime_obj.month)
rect = Geom(*rect)
# set up constants
scale_factor = min(rect.width, rect.height)
line_width = scale_factor * 0.0025
font = Font('Helvetica', scale_factor * 0.028)
rows = len(cal)
# Leave room for the stroke width around the outermost cells
rect = Geom(rect.x + line_width,
rect.y + line_width,
rect.width - (line_width * 2),
rect.height - (line_width * 2))
cellsize = Size(rect.width / 7, rect.height / rows)
# now fill in the day numbers and any data
for row, week in enumerate(cal):
for col, day in enumerate(week):
# Give each call to cell_cb a known canvas state
with save_state(canvas):
# Set reasonable default drawing parameters
cell_cb(canvas, day, Geom(
x=rect.x + (cellsize.width * col),
y=rect.y + ((rows - row) * cellsize.height),
width=cellsize.width, height=cellsize.height),
font, scale_factor)
# finish this page
return canvas
def draw_cell(canvas, day, rect, font, scale_factor):
"""Draw a calendar cell with the given characteristics
@param day: The date in the range 0 to 31.
@param rect: A Geom(x, y, width, height) tuple defining the shape of the
cell in points.
@param scale_factor: A number which can be used to calculate sizes which
will remain proportional to the size of the entire calendar.
(Currently the length of the shortest side of the full calendar)
@type rect: C{Geom}
@type font: C{Font}
@type scale_factor: C{float}
# Skip drawing cells that don't correspond to a date in this month
if not day:
margin = Size(font.size * 0.5, font.size * 1.3)
# Draw the cell border
canvas.rect(rect.x, rect.y - rect.height, rect.width, rect.height)
day = str(day)
ordinal_str = ORDINALS.get(int(day), ORDINALS[None])
# Draw the number
text_x = rect.x + margin.width
text_y = rect.y - margin.height
canvas.drawString(text_x, text_y, day)
# Draw the lifted ordinal number suffix
number_width = canvas.stringWidth(day,, font.size)
canvas.drawString(text_x + number_width,
text_y + (margin.height * 0.1),
def generate_pdf(datetime_obj, outfile, size, first_weekday=calendar.SUNDAY):
"""Helper to apply add_calendar_page to save a ready-to-print file to disk.
@param datetime_obj: A Python C{datetime} object specifying the month
the calendar should represent.
@param outfile: The path to which to write the PDF file.
@param size: A (width, height) tuple (specified in points) representing
the target page size.
size = Size(*size)
canvas = Canvas(outfile, size)
# margins
wmar, hmar = size.width / 50, size.height / 50
size = Size(size.width - (2 * wmar), size.height - (2 * hmar))
Geom(wmar, hmar, size.width, size.height),
datetime_obj, draw_cell, first_weekday).save()
if __name__ == "__main__":
generate_pdf(, 'calendar.pdf',
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