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Script to perform a web search in the user's default browser using the user's default search provider
# Script to launch a search in the user's default browser using their default
# search provider. (Best effort, given that
# There may be a ready-made way to do most of this, but I don't know it so I
# just implemented the spec.
# Helpers for useful error handling
die() {
xmessage "FATAL: $1" &
exit "$2"
require() {
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
die "$2" "$3"
# Linux has `xdg-open <URL>` as an equivalent to `start <URL>` on Windows and
# `open <URL>` on OSX but, like those commands, it's completely confused by
# receiving `? <search term>` as an argument, so we manually figure out what
# command to call...
# Look up the .desktop application definition file associated with http:// URLs
xdg_name="$(xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/http)"
require "$xdg_name" "No association for http:// URLs" 1
# Since most Linux desktops have SOMETHING GTK+-based, we could normally just
# use `gtk-launch "$xdg_name" "whatever"` here and call it done for the vast
# majority of Linux desktops, but Firefox requires --search rather than a
# leading ? and gtk-launch escapes that.
# Construct the search path
# Resolve the .desktop file name using the search path
for datadir in $data_dirs; do
if [ -e "$candidate" ]; then
unset OLD_IFS
require "$found" "Could not find http:// URL handler: $xdg_name" 2
# Parse the raw command string out of the .desktop file
# (Not perfect, since it strips the % substitution placeholders rather than
# obeying them, but perfectly fine for this restricted use case)
app_path="$(grep '^Exec' "$found" |
head -1 |
sed 's/^Exec=//' |
sed 's/%.//')"
require "$app_path" "Could not parse Exec line from $found" 3
# Open browser, special-casing every browser I tested which didn't like "? ..."
case "$xdg_name" in
*arora*) die "FATAL: Can't trigger default search provider in Arora" 4;;
*firefox*) $app_path --search "$*";;
*konqueror*) $app_path "$*";;
*luakit*) $app_path "$*";;
*midori*) die "FATAL: Can't trigger default search provider in Midori" 4;;
*) $app_path "? $*";;
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