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Proof of concept for making Flatpak-installed GUI apps available in the terminal through their normal command names
# Flatpak CLI Shortcut Proof of Concept
# Copyright 2021 Stephan Sokolow (deitarion/SSokolow)
# License: MIT
# Known shortcomings in this quick and dirty PoC:
# * In order to support non-local URL arguments to Flatpak'd browsers, use of
# --file-forwarding assumes all installed programs will accept file:// URLs.
# (A proper solution would parse the .desktop files to identify what kinds of
# arguments the commands want.)
# * Assumes command name collisions will never happen
# (A proper implementation would need to prompt the user to resolve conflicts
# if encountered.)
# * Just uses `grep command= | cut -d= -f2` to "parse" the INI-style output
# of `flatpak info -m`
# (A proper implementation needs to make sure it's from the right section of
# the file to ensure there's no risk of multiple lines matching.)
# * Uses the sledgehammer approach of just removing all non-folders from the
# target directory before generating new launchers to clear out stale entries.
# (A proper solution would keep track of which ones it created)
# * No means of overriding Flatseal's decision to use
# "com.github.tchx84.Flatseal" as its internal binary name rather than
# "flatseal"
# * Doesn't solve the problem of flatpaks still not installing manpages
# Add this to the end of your $PATH
# Remove any stale launch scripts
rm -f "$BIN_DIR"/*
mkdir -p "$BIN_DIR"
for X in $(flatpak list --columns=ref); do
app_command="$(flatpak info -m "$X" | grep command= | cut -d= -f2)"
if [ -n "$app_command" ]; then
# Unset LD_PRELOAD to silence gtk-nocsd errors and support file
# forwarding so you can tighten your sandbox and still open local files
printf '#!/bin/sh\nunset LD_PRELOAD\nexec flatpak run --file-forwarding "%s" @@u "$@" @@' "$X" >"$cmd_path"
chmod +x "$cmd_path"
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