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Having decided to move my blog to Jekyll, I went looking for solutions. AzizLight's class proved the simplest, but fell short of what I wanted.

This version has been modified to be runnable as a command-line script (help available via -h) and, aside from category permalink continuity (which I'm working on), produces a ready-to-use _posts directory for your Jekyll blog.

Full details on the changes are available in the git commit log.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="xhrproxy.js"></script>
# Bash alias to open Github page for project in current working directory.
# Will use the current active branch if it exists remotely, or falls back to master.
alias github='br=$(git branch --contains HEAD | sed -rn "s/^\* //p"); if ! git ls-remote . | grep -q -e "refs/remotes/.*/${br}"; then br="master"; fi; xdg-open $(git config -l | sed -rn "s%remote.origin.url=git(@|://)(|/)(.+/.+).git%https://\2/\4/tree/${br}%p")'