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Created April 15, 2021 06:06
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Moving images from WordPress /images/wp-content to /content/posts/my-post/images
If you moved from Wordpress to GoHugo and all your images are in "/images/wp-content", but you want to use image processing or other featues of GoHugo
that only works in the content-folder (/content/posts/).
This script
1. searches all images from wordpress which are used in the content
2. creating a folder with the name of the content-file (*.md)
3. moving images to /content/posts/my-post-name/images
4. and creates and with the content.
After you run it, I used regexp search/replace in visual studio to replace old images to new path inside the content (*.md) files.
Search: /images/wp-content/uploads/[0-9]{4}/[0-9]{2}/(.*?)(\.png|\.jpg)
replace: images/$1$2
search in folder: ./content/posts
For old style featured image to resource fetured image
Search: featuredImage:(.*?$)
Replace: resources:
- name: "featured-image"
src: $1
import os
import re
from shutil import copyfile
from pathlib import Path
import ntpath
# grab git path from env variable
git = os.getenv('git')
git_location = f"{git}/"
post_dir = os.path.join(git_location, "content/posts")
for file in os.listdir(post_dir):
if file.endswith(".md"):
# print(os.path.join("/mydir", file))
# my search pattern for images
pattern = re.compile("/images/wp-content/uploads/.*?(\.png|\.jpg)")
# create content name and images folder
folder_name = ntpath.basename(file).replace(".md", "")
current_folder = os.path.join(post_dir, folder_name)
current_folder_images = os.path.join(current_folder, "images")
Path(current_folder).mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
Path(current_folder_images).mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
md_file_path = os.path.join(post_dir, file)
for i, line in enumerate(open(md_file_path)):
for match in re.finditer(pattern, line):
print('Found on line %s: %s' % (i + 1,
src = git_location + '/static' +
dest = os.path.join(current_folder_images, ntpath.basename(
# move found image from static folder to content folder
print(f"src: {src} // dest: {dest}")
copyfile(src, dest)
dest_index = os.path.join(current_folder, '')
print(f"create - src: {md_file_path} // dest: {dest_index}")
copyfile(md_file_path, dest_index)
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