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Created Oct 10, 2010

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GeoCache GPX Example.gpx
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<gpx xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" version="1.0" creator="Groundspeak, Inc. All Rights Reserved." xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="">
<name>Cache Listing Generated from</name>
<desc>This is an individual cache generated from</desc>
<author>Account "Gb UK" From</author>
<urlname>Geocaching - High Tech Treasure Hunting</urlname>
<keywords>cache, geocache</keywords>
<bounds minlat="53.05125" minlon="-2.233783" maxlat="53.05125" maxlon="-2.233783" />
<wpt lat="53.05125" lon="-2.233783">
<desc>The Bradwell Bundle by Gb UK, Traditional Cache (1.5/3)</desc>
<urlname>The Bradwell Bundle</urlname>
<sym>Geocache Found</sym>
<type>Geocache|Traditional Cache</type>
<groundspeak:cache id="693824" available="True" archived="False" xmlns:groundspeak="">
<groundspeak:name>The Bradwell Bundle</groundspeak:name>
<groundspeak:placed_by>Gb UK</groundspeak:placed_by>
<groundspeak:owner id="1212141">Gb UK</groundspeak:owner>
<groundspeak:type>Traditional Cache</groundspeak:type>
<groundspeak:country>United Kingdom</groundspeak:country>
<groundspeak:short_description html="False">
<groundspeak:long_description html="False">Going back to these woods took me back to my school days when we used to have to run through them on the dreaded cross country.How weird it was to stand at the top of Clay Bank and not have to slide down it in thick mud for a 1/4 of a mile.Happy Days
Cache location is pretty straight forward, getting to it however could be another matter. Depending on your approach it could be tough have been warned.
There used to be a Trigpoint up here(benchmark) but it appears to have vanished...what a shame.
Decon container...TB,log book and a few bits n bobs. Good views across the Potteries.
Hope you enjoy the cache</groundspeak:long_description>
<groundspeak:encoded_hints>You don't really need a clue for this one but just in case....its at ground level under a very small bough of a tree</groundspeak:encoded_hints>
<groundspeak:log id="130647008">
<groundspeak:type>Found it</groundspeak:type>
<groundspeak:finder id="3479526">hokeycokey</groundspeak:finder>
<groundspeak:text encoded="False">finally got around to looking for this one. TFTC</groundspeak:text>
<groundspeak:travelbugs />
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