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Created Aug 7, 2019
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void *conf_lcd_io_for_rendering()
s_unknown_1 *g_struct; // r10
s_lcd_bg_io_conf *lcd_bg_io_conf; // r5
void *result; // r0
s_blending_io_conf *blending_io_conf; // r5
lcd_bg_io_conf = g_struct->lcd_bg_io_conf_200AC40;
IO_MOSAIC = lcd_bg_io_conf->mosaic_size; // set mosaic mode
memcpy32(&lcd_bg_io_conf->background_cnt0, &IO_BG0CNT, 0x38u);// configure BG
CpuSet_2(g_struct->window_conf_200F3A0, &IO_WIN0H, 0xCu);
blending_io_conf = g_struct->blending_io_conf_2009740;
BLDCNT = *&blending_io_conf->blending_cnt;
BLDY = blending_io_conf->blending_brightness;
DISPCNT = g_struct->lcd_bg_io_conf_200AC40->display_cnt;
return result;
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