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@stack72 stack72/test.go
Created Aug 3, 2018

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func (f *Future) WaitForCompletionRef(ctx context.Context, client autorest.Client) error {
ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, client.PollingDuration)
defer cancel()
done, err := f.Done(client)
for attempts := 0; !done; done, err = f.Done(client) {
if attempts >= client.RetryAttempts {
return autorest.NewErrorWithError(err, "Future", "WaitForCompletion",, "the number of retries has been exceeded")
// we want delayAttempt to be zero in the non-error case so
// that DelayForBackoff doesn't perform exponential back-off
var delayAttempt int
var delay time.Duration
if err == nil {
// check for Retry-After delay, if not present use the client's polling delay
var ok bool
delay, ok = f.GetPollingDelay()
if !ok {
delay = client.PollingDelay
} else {
// there was an error polling for status so perform exponential
// back-off based on the number of attempts using the client's retry
// duration. update attempts after delayAttempt to avoid off-by-one.
delayAttempt = attempts
delay = client.RetryDuration
// wait until the delay elapses or the context is cancelled
delayElapsed := autorest.DelayForBackoff(delay, delayAttempt, ctx.Done())
if !delayElapsed {
return autorest.NewErrorWithError(ctx.Err(), "Future", "WaitForCompletion",, "context has been cancelled")
return err
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