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staeke / simplify-names.js
Created June 19, 2020 18:59
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// This is a hack to just simplify variable namings, because they're ugly, for easier debugging
const HarmonyImportDependency = require('webpack/lib/dependencies/HarmonyImportDependency');
const HarmonyImportSpecifierDependency = require('webpack/lib/dependencies/HarmonyImportSpecifierDependency');
const HarmonyImportSpecifierDependencyTemplate = HarmonyImportSpecifierDependency.Template;
const path = require('path');
const HIDproto = HarmonyImportDependency.prototype;
const HISDTproto = HarmonyImportSpecifierDependencyTemplate.prototype;
const originalGetImportVar = HIDproto.getImportVar;
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