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Do NOT transfer my account to Office 365.

(Ignore my comments in 213335 as I believed IMAP would remain available in Office 365 until October 2020 )

I have just been told that IMAP on Office365 has already been disabled, counter to the guidance on your website, which said from "October" (which year?)

As a Linux user I do not have Outlook, and with 6000 monthly emails I rely heavily on filtering and local search using offlineimap and notmuch.

The web application is not fit for this purpose, and the only solution you suggest is Evolution using EWS, which for me is slow and unreliable for daily use.

This means a large disruption to my work as a Technical Architect involved in several EU research projects, which naturally during lock-down relies even more heavily on email.

Microsoft says that IMAP basic auth will remain until "second half of 2021" because of COVID-19 disruption, and after that IMAP will still work with "Modern Auth" which is not mentioned in IT Services' article.

I wish that IT services, like Microsoft, could recognize that it is inadvisable to perform large infrastructural changes during lock-down when users have limited IT support and little time for adaptation.

I therefore request that you do not transfer my account until you have enabled IMAP on the Office 365 side, and reconsider the transfer overall considering that many users, particularly in science and engineering, are relying on Linux clients like Thunderbird.

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