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.delayUntil() for RxJava
* Delays all items from the source Observable up until when the other Observable
* emits its first item. After the other Observable emitted its first item,
* the source items are not delayed.
* source: ---s-s---s----------s---s----s---s---s--|>
* other: ------------o------o-------o------o-----|>
* result: ------------sss-----s---s----s---s---s--|>
* @param first
* The source Observable of main interest
* @param other
* The Observable that should be precursor to any items emitted by the source.
* @return an Observable that emits items only after the first item of the
* other Observable has emitted, otherwise behaves like the source Observable.
def static <TFirst, TSecond> Observable<TFirst> delayUntil(
Observable<TFirst> source, Observable<TSecond> other)
val hotOther = other.publish().refCount()
val sourceBeforePrecursor = source
.buffer([ hotOther.take(1) ])
.flatMap([ list | Observable.from(list) ])
val sourceAfterPrecursor = source.skipUntil(hotOther)
return Observable.merge(sourceBeforePrecursor, sourceAfterPrecursor)
// This is written in Xtend ( but the same code should
// be easily translatable to Java or Scala
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