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Last active July 28, 2023 09:51
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Add ticket number from the branch to commit messages
# Automatically adds branch name and branch description to every commit message.
# Skips this step if the commit message already starts with "[".
# Modified from the stackoverflow answer here:
# Succeed on all merge messages, as evidenced by MERGE_MSG existing
[ -f $GIT_DIR/MERGE_MSG ] && exit 0
# Get branch name and description
NAME=$(git branch | grep '*' | sed 's/* //')
DESCRIPTION=$(git config branch."$NAME".description)
ticket="$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)"
[[ $ticket =~ (([[:alnum:]]{3,})-([[:digit:]]{3,})).* ]] && ticketID=${BASH_REMATCH[1]}
if [ -n "$ticketID" ]
# Debug:
# printf "%s\n" "$ticketID: "
# Don't apply this logic if we are in a 'detached head' state (rebasing, read-only history, etc)
# newlines below may need echo -e "\n\n: (etc.)"
if [ "$NAME" != "(no branch)" ] && [[ "$(cat $1)" != [* ]]; then
# Append branch name and optional description to COMMIT_MSG
# For info on parameters to githooks, run: man githooks
echo "[$ticketID] $(cat $1)" > "$1"
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How to add the hook to your repos is described in this article.

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