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TikZ code drawing Matrix Product State in tensor diagram notation (i.e. Penrose graphical notation). Get pdf, ps or svg.
%% for compilation with htlatex (to produce svg image),
%% uncomment the line below:
% \def\pgfsysdriver{pgfsys-tex4ht.def}
\begin{tikzpicture}[inner sep=1mm]
\foreach \i in {1,...,5} {
\node[tensor] (\i) at (\i, 0) {$A_\i$};
\node (\i spin) at (\i, -0.7) {$s_\i$};
\draw[-] (\i) -- (\i spin);
\foreach \i in {1,...,4} {
\pgfmathtruncatemacro{\iplusone}{\i + 1};
\draw[-] (\i) -- (\iplusone);
\draw[-] (1.west) .. controls +(-1.5, 1) and +(1.5, 1) .. (5.east);
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