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Duana Saskia starkcoffee

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execute pathogen#infect()
syntax on
filetype plugin indent on
filetype indent on
set autoindent
set nosmartindent
set smarttab
set shiftwidth=2
set tabstop=2
set softtabstop=2
starkcoffee / .sh
Created Aug 10, 2016
Safe git YOLO
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alias yolo='(git symbolic-ref HEAD | grep -vq master && cowthink -f stegosaurus "#YOLO" && git push --force-with-lease) || cowthink -f beavis.zen "You tried to push master, fool."'
starkcoffee / gist:f822f1804852dcb39dbc1419b59cdd14
Last active Sep 5, 2016
Font tips for code in presentations
View gist:f822f1804852dcb39dbc1419b59cdd14
I got some nice tips from my soundcloud colleagues on what font they used for code in presentations:
I think Consolas looks good
starkcoffee / FutureSpec.scala
Last active Jun 15, 2016
Understanding how futures are executed
View FutureSpec.scala
I wanted to write a specs2 unit test that proves a function works concurrently. I tried writing a unit test
to prove that Futures run concurrently (not always sequentially), just for fun. I ran the test below,
expecting count to equal 1, but it always executed the futures in order, even though C1 takes the longest
time. I realised, I need to go back to school and learn how futures are executed.
"prove futures run in parallel" in new Context {
var count = 0
starkcoffee / bla.scala
Created Jun 2, 2016
Base64 encoding and back in scala
View bla.scala
"prove encoding is a thing" in new Context {
val originalStr = "tschüß"
val base64EncodedStr = Base64.getEncoder.encodeToString(originalStr.getBytes("UTF-8"))
val decodedStr = new String(Base64.getDecoder().decode(base64EncodedStr), "ASCII")
decodedStr ==== originalStr
starkcoffee / gist:42f71f97b80a535ae282
Created Feb 23, 2016
Creating a google calendar template
View gist:42f71f97b80a535ae282
So you can propose an event and people can add it to their calendars.
For the record, here's where I generated the link:
And here's where I've found the recurring parameter which I added to the generated link:
Thanks Alon!
starkcoffee / clock
Last active Feb 4, 2016
my first bash animation!
View clock
echo -en "\033[1B"
while true; do
echo -n '|'
echo -en "\033[1D"
sleep 1
echo -n '/'
echo -en "\033[1D"
View gist:402ca19b5b25e9f56b16
st = status
ca = commit -am
co = checkout
branch-name = !git branch 2>/dev/null | grep -e ^* | tr -d '* '
lg = log --graph --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset' --abbrev-commit --date=relative
compare = !"open`echo ${PWD##*/}`/compare/`git branch-name`"
implode = !"BN=`git branch-name` && [ $BN != 'master' ] && git co master && git branch -D $BN && git push origin :$BN"
un = !git status --porcelain | grep '??' | awk '{ print $2}'
corb = !git checkout -t
starkcoffee / gist:fbc8b0f3613fd71af710
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Implementing our own 'expect' test function using blocks
View gist:fbc8b0f3613fd71af710
# here's a function which raises an error for some cases
def sum(a,b)
if a < 0 || b < 0
raise ArgumentError, "both arguments must be greater than zero"
a + b
starkcoffee / gist:dd926ad4acbefdf51f69
Created Jun 24, 2014
Restarting mysql on mac, resetting root password
View gist:dd926ad4acbefdf51f69
> mysql.serverstop --skip-grant-tables
> mysql
mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('PASSWORD') WHERE User='root';
mysql> exit;
> mysql.server stop
> mysql.server start
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