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Quick & dirty l10n testing in Gaia

Set up Gaia

Download and unzip it / install it.

Clone Gaia:

git clone git://
cd gaia
DEBUG=1 make profile

Setup l10n repo

In your gaia clone:

cd locales
hg clone
hg clone ssh://

Enable your locale

Add your language to the <!-- Personalization :: Language & Region --> section of apps/settings/index.html. Notice the value= part.

    <select name="language.current">
      <option value="ar">العربية</option>
      <option value="de">Deutsch</option>
      <option value="pl">Polski</option>
  <a data-l10n-id="language">Language</a>

For every app you're testing, edit its locale/locales.ini file and add your locale:

@import url(

Run Gaia

/path/to/b2g -profile /path/to/gaia/profile

(On Mac OS X, the path to the b2g executable is /Applications/ You'll also need to specify absolute path to the profile, without the trailing slash.)

Go into Settings and change the locale of the device.

How this works

Thanks to DEBUG=1, Gaia will look for files in /locales/pl/. See for how to lay out the files. File names should be, and not even though /apps/browser/locales/locales.ini might suggest otherwise. There's some magic going on with the file names and locations to make it easier to just clone the Mercurial repo into /locales.

pfranc commented Oct 13, 2012

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