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Julia 1.3+ Artifact error debugging script
# Adapt this script to debug why artifact installation might be failing
using Pkg, Pkg.Artifacts, Pkg.BinaryPlatforms, Pkg.PlatformEngines
# Initialize Pkg code
probe_platform_engines!(; verbose=true)
# Change these to whatever you need them to be, to debug your artifacts code
artifacts_toml_url = ""
artifact_name = "HELICS"
mktempdir() do tmp_dir
# First, download Artifacts.toml file to temporary directory
artifacts_toml = joinpath(tmp_dir, "Artifacts.toml")
@info("Downloading Artifacts.toml to $(artifacts_toml)..."), artifacts_toml; verbose=true)
# Extract artifact metadata for the current platform (you can override this)
platform = platform_key_abi()
@info("Extracting artifact info for platform $(triplet(platform))...")
artifact_dict = Pkg.Artifacts.load_artifacts_toml(artifacts_toml)
meta = artifact_meta(artifact_name, artifact_dict, artifacts_toml; platform=platform)
treehash = meta["git-tree-sha1"]
tarball_url = first(meta["download"])["url"]
tarball_hash = first(meta["download"])["sha256"]
@info("Found meta object with git-tree-sha1 $(treehash), attempting download...")
destdir = joinpath(tmp_dir, "unpacked")
download_verify_unpack(tarball_url, tarball_hash, destdir; verbose=true)
if !Sys.iswindows()
@info("Double-checking git-tree-sha (this is skipped on Windows)")
calc_treehash = bytes2hex(Pkg.GitTools.tree_hash(destdir))
if calc_treehash != treehash
@warn("Calculated treehash ($(calc_treehash)) != promised treehash ($(treehash))!")
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