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Created May 5, 2023 15:46
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VidRepurposer is a BRAND-NEW cloud application that can make weeks worth of unique, quality video articles from existing links, language, and even movies for you personally or your clients.
That includes the capability to turn any YouTube video into your own unique, 100% customized video to use for lead generation, ads, as well as resell.
There's beautiful customization capability including the capability to edit presentations, text, fonts, increase background images and videos, and more.
Plus, it may "repurpose" those new videos into a lot more unique content to market to clients including audio or powerpoint templates.
It comes with 7 DFY designs in the greatest nearby areas for quick results.
Groundbreaking Features Include:
Turn Any Videos Game into a Unique Video- The app will remove what's really spoken in the video( not just the description)& let you practice the video.
Comes with 7 DFY Themes- Use these to hit the bottom running in 7 of the greatest nearby areas. Make or buy to clients.
Recycle Created Videos into More Articles- change your fresh picture into one more weblog article, lead magnet, podcast,& more for 10x traffic.
Rich Customization of Each Video- Include text, modify font size and color, include background images and videos from the library to create beautiful videos
Turn Any Blog URL into a Video- Copy/ paste a link or text to produce an amazing video in only minutes.
Usage of VidRepurposer Library- Get access to a large number of cents worth of premium share photographs and share videos to use within your recordings.
Commercial Rights Included- you are able to buy the videos you create, cost per lead, or sell content creation as a deep- ticket monthly service to nearby clients
]+] It's Completely Cloud- based- Nothing to Install
]+] You Can Demo Movies Before Rendering
]+] It's Tested with Proven Benefits
]+] You Can Change Estimates into Text Videos for More Shares
]+] Simple- to- Use, Really Get Big Results This Weekend
What Makes It Different Than Many Video Applications:
Some reasons include:
Comes with 7 DFY Exclusive Themes- Use these to hit the bottom running in 7 of the greatest nearby areas. Make or buy to clients.
Just App that may Repurpose Existing Videos- VidRepurposer may extract what's really spoken in the video to wording for you to develop into a video.
Just App that may Repurpose Spoken Text- You can actually report yourself talking and VidRepurposer may turn it into a video instantly
Recycle Quotes into a Social Video- VidRepurposer includes a large library of DFY estimates you can choose from and develop into a movie instantly
Anything is 100% Configurable- Like the script, text, fonts, colors, background images, background videos,& more. No other video editing fog app has somewhere near this many customization ability.
Personalize Slide Animations- You are able to choose to let VidRepurposer quickly add pan/ zoom animations to your background images, or customize yourself
Export Video Into Different Mediums- Get your movie file along with a record of the innovative repurposed text, images, and audio file. You are able to buy these unique or recycle them around the net in numerous channels ie: what Gary Vaynerchuk does.
Export in HD Quality on the Front- End& Commerical Rights Included
Cone and Listing Links:
Entrance End:
VidRepurposer Business:-$ 27
Request Link: https:// www. affiliates/ info/ 313915
Salespage: http:// go
OTO1- VidRepurposer Repurposer Stone:-$ 49
Request Link: https:// www. affiliates/ info/ 313917
Salespage: http:// diamond
With the Diamond update, users get upgraded functions, more utilization limits, and bonuses.
Includes the capability to use our voice- to- language technology to convert spoken voice into video, ability to turn videos into ebook and lead magnets, up to 100 slides per video, power to get audio, and further video bonus resources.
OTO2- VidRepurposer Enterprise:-$ 97
Request Link: https:// www. affiliates/ info/ 313919
Salespage: http:// enterprise
Users reach uncover unrestricted video length and unlimited movie slides with this upgrade. Also, it contains the Outsourcer License+ Team Login ability to place video creation on autopilot. Plus, reseller program usage of resell the app for 100% commissions and make their investment back.
OTO3- VidRepurposer VidViral Exclusive:-$ 24
Request Link: https:// www. affiliates/ info/ 313923
Salespage: http:// vidviralspecial
A cloud apps that creates viral video memes on Facebook with the capability to incorporate above and below captions to videos on social media. Ideal to add on with their VidRepurposer films to use as Facebook ad movies.
OTO4- VidRepurposer Reddule Unique:-$ 19
Request Link: https:// www. affiliates/ info/ 313925
The primary true, every- in- one marketer pleasant training and software suite for Reddit. Now that you have the game content, make it go viral on probably the most viral system out there.
Earlybird Knowledge:
You will see an earlybird discount until 4pm EST( price will soon be$ 27) which price will rise$ 1.00, then price will go up again 11: 59pm EST on day 1.
Day 2 coupon: repurpose5 has effect to bring the cost back down 5%
Awards and Contests:
Day 1 Challenge:
Initially-$ 500
Next-$ 200
Next-$ 100
Forward-$ 50
Based# of sales by the most effective 4 affiliates. Ends 11: 59pm EST time of launch.
Overall Contest Includes:
Initially-$ 1500
Next-$ 1000
Next-$ 500
Third-$ 250
Five-$ 100
Seventh-$ 50
Will actually include monthly contests, closing competition, and more to be announced soon.
Please be sure to have your team submitted to a VidRepurposer team member by 10: 00 am EST on launch day.
We may also be announcing the most effective 15 members so as without companions so be sure to make a nice discount as you will have additional scoreboard recognition for this.
Contact Info
Get in touch for with any questions.
JV Manager: Ben Murray( Skype: passiveprofits7)
Rohan Chaudhari( Skype: chaudharirohan)
Harshal Jadhav( Skype: harshaljadhav)
If you have under 50 purchases and are not approved please visit Ben on Skype with how you will be promoting and your survey site.
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