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Commonly Used Hoffman2 Commands


Commonly used Hard/Soft-ware resources for an interactive session

  • NOTE: Multiple commands can fit into a single line by separating commands with a semi colon

Request Hardware

qrsh -l i,h_data=16g,h_rt=1:00:00;

Using Rstudio

module load R/3.2.1; module load Rstudio; rstudio

Using Stata

module load stata; xstata-se

Find and remove all core dump files

find $HOME -name core.'[0-9]*' -print | xargs rm
  • NOTE: this removes ALL core files

When a batch job errors out, a huge core dump file is automatically created.
If you are unaware that this core file exists, you might run into hard disk space issues.
Hard disk space issues might prevent GUI apps from loading, say Rstudio.

See the group's jobs


See the group's users

qconf -su ccpr

See the details of resource group's jobs

qstat -u $(qconf -su ccpr)

See the jobs on a specific node

qstat -q *@n1234
  • NOTE: if the node in question is 'n1234'

See the resource group's jobs on a specific node

qstat -u $(qconf -su ccpr) -q *@n1234
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