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Last active Jun 11, 2019
Example of API documentation

Auction API

The Auction API allows you to manipulate lots, bids in an auction. The operations you can do, through the API, are:

  • Create a new lot: [POST /lot];
  • Changes information of the lot: [PUT /lot/:LOT_ID];
  • Starts the auction of a lot: [POST /auction/:LOT_ID];
  • Bids on a lot: [POST /bid/:LOT_ID];
  • List the bids of a lot: [GET /bid/:LOT_ID];
  • Delete a lot: [DELETE /lot/:LOT_ID].
stavarengo / .gitconfig
Last active Feb 20, 2019
Git alias to remove from your local repostitory all branches and tags that does not exists on remote. Call it with `git pa`
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# Never as for you password again.
# When 'store' your password will be store in the file '$HOME/.git-credentials' in plain text (no encriptation),
# because of this, you must use a personal access token, generated here:
helper = store
encoding = utf-8
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Last active Dec 8, 2016 — forked from kentbrew/
How I Got Node.js Talking on EC2's Port 80

The Problem

Standard practices say no non-root process gets to talk to the Internet on a port less than 1024. How, then, could I get Node talking on port 80 on EC2? (I wanted it to go as fast as possible and use the smallest possible share of my teeny tiny little micro-instance's resources, so proxying through nginx or Apache seemed suboptimal.)

The temptingly easy but ultimately wrong solution:

Alter the port the script talks to from 8000 to 80:

stavarengo / brazilian-synonyms.json
Last active Aug 31, 2020
List of portuguese words and their respective synonyms. More at
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"synonyms": [
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