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Django's password hashing ported to PHP
private function set_password($raw_password) {
Sets the password to a string of random sha1 salt
and encrypted password.
Separated by '$'
$salt = substr(sha1(genRandomString().genRandomString()), 0, 5);
$hash = sha1($salt.$raw_password);
$enc_password = $salt.'$'.$hash;
$this->password = $enc_password;
public function check_password($raw_password, $enc_password) {
Returns a boolean of whether the raw_password was correct.
$pieces = explode('$', $enc_password);
$salt = $pieces[0];
$hash = $pieces[1];
if ($hash == sha1($salt.$raw_password))
return true;
return false;
function genRandomString($length = 5) {
$retval = "";
for ($i=0; $i < $length; $i++) {
$retval .= chr(rand(97,122));
return $retval;
hxgf commented Mar 24, 2013

this just saved me a ton of time. THANK YOU so much!


Thank you so much !


This doesn't work on Django 1.9+

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