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Created June 26, 2022 05:57
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Chart.yaml file - all fields
apiVersion: The chart API version (required)
name: The name of the chart (required)
version: A SemVer 2 version (required)
kubeVersion: A SemVer range of compatible Kubernetes versions (optional)
description: A single-sentence description of this project (optional)
type: The type of the chart (optional)
- A list of keywords about this project (optional)
home: The URL of this projects home page (optional)
- A list of URLs to source code for this project (optional)
dependencies: # A list of the chart requirements (optional)
- name: The name of the chart (nginx)
version: The version of the chart ("1.2.3")
repository: (optional) The repository URL ("") or alias ("@repo-name")
condition: (optional) A yaml path that resolves to a boolean, used for enabling/disabling charts (e.g. subchart1.enabled )
tags: # (optional)
- Tags can be used to group charts for enabling/disabling together
import-values: # (optional)
- ImportValues holds the mapping of source values to parent key to be imported. Each item can be a string or pair of child/parent sublist items.
alias: (optional) Alias to be used for the chart. Useful when you have to add the same chart multiple times
maintainers: # (optional)
- name: The maintainers name (required for each maintainer)
email: The maintainers email (optional for each maintainer)
url: A URL for the maintainer (optional for each maintainer)
icon: A URL to an SVG or PNG image to be used as an icon (optional).
appVersion: The version of the app that this contains (optional). Needn't be SemVer. Quotes recommended.
deprecated: Whether this chart is deprecated (optional, boolean)
example: A list of annotations keyed by name (optional).
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