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Ocaml exported names
stephen@godel:~/projects/ocaml$ nm -g $(find -name '*.so') | grep -v ' U ' | grep -v ' caml_' | grep -v ' _'
0000000000023b4c T main
000000000022ca70 D marshal_flags
00000000000012d2 T re_partial_match
000000000000154d T re_replacement_text
0000000000001452 T re_search_backward
0000000000001357 T re_search_forward
000000000000124d T re_string_match
0000000000002530 T add_nat
00000000000024ec T add_nat_native
000000000000239f T blit_nat
0000000000001f1e T bng_compare
0000000000001edd T bng_complement
00000000000021a1 T bng_init
0000000000001e7c T bng_leading_zero_bits
0000000000001ef1 T bng_num_digits
0000000000203760 D bng_ops
0000000000002986 T compare_digits_nat
00000000000029e0 T compare_nat
00000000000029a9 T compare_nat_native
000000000000255d T complement_nat
0000000000002340 T create_nat
0000000000002581 T decr_nat
0000000000002872 T div_digit_nat
000000000000281b T div_digit_nat_native
00000000000028eb T div_nat
00000000000028b1 T div_nat_native
00000000000024bc T incr_nat
0000000000002321 T initialize_nat
000000000000245b T is_digit_int
000000000000248d T is_digit_normalized
00000000000024a1 T is_digit_odd
0000000000002479 T is_digit_zero
0000000000002a05 T land_digit_nat
000000000000236a T length_nat
0000000000002a1b T lor_digit_nat
0000000000002a31 T lxor_digit_nat
000000000000267c T mult_digit_nat
0000000000002630 T mult_digit_nat_native
0000000000002705 T mult_nat
00000000000026b2 T mult_nat_native
00000000000023e4 T nth_digit_nat
0000000000002404 T nth_digit_nat_native
000000000000241a T num_digits_nat
000000000000243e T num_leading_zero_bits_in_digit
00000000000023d3 T set_digit_nat
00000000000023f2 T set_digit_nat_native
0000000000002378 T set_to_zero_nat
00000000000027f6 T shift_left_nat
00000000000027a5 T shift_left_nat_native
0000000000002961 T shift_right_nat
0000000000002910 T shift_right_nat_native
0000000000002780 T square_nat
0000000000002744 T square_nat_native
0000000000002603 T sub_nat
00000000000025b7 T sub_nat_native
0000000000008094 T alloc_inet6_addr
0000000000008080 T alloc_inet_addr
00000000000081d8 T alloc_sockaddr
00000000000054b0 T cst_to_constr
00000000000054ec T cstringvect
000000000020cd40 D error_table
00000000000080b2 T get_sockaddr
000000000020c8b0 D socket_domain_table
000000000020c8a0 D socket_type_table
00000000000092f6 T uerror
0000000000005180 T unix_accept
0000000000005254 T unix_access
00000000000052ec T unix_alarm
0000000000005304 T unix_bind
0000000000005354 T unix_chdir
0000000000005378 T unix_chmod
00000000000053a0 T unix_chown
00000000000053cc T unix_chroot
00000000000058ca T unix_clear_close_on_exec
0000000000005826 T unix_clear_nonblock
00000000000053f0 T unix_close
000000000000541c T unix_closedir
0000000000005450 T unix_connect
0000000000005538 T unix_dup
0000000000005568 T unix_dup2
0000000000005598 T unix_environment
00000000000091de T unix_error
00000000000055c4 T unix_error_message
00000000000091a0 T unix_error_of_code
00000000000055f8 T unix_execv
000000000000563c T unix_execve
00000000000056a4 T unix_execvp
00000000000056e7 T unix_execvpe
0000000000005764 T unix_exit
0000000000005770 T unix_fchmod
00000000000057a0 T unix_fchown
0000000000005920 T unix_fork
00000000000089dc T unix_fstat
0000000000008ae2 T unix_fstat_64
0000000000005974 T unix_ftruncate
00000000000059a3 T unix_ftruncate_64
00000000000059e0 T unix_getaddrinfo
0000000000005e50 T unix_getcwd
0000000000005e8c T unix_getegid
0000000000005ea4 T unix_geteuid
0000000000005ebc T unix_getgid
0000000000005fcc T unix_getgrgid
0000000000005fac T unix_getgrnam
0000000000005ff0 T unix_getgroups
00000000000061c8 T unix_gethostbyaddr
0000000000006257 T unix_gethostbyname
00000000000062ec T unix_gethostname
0000000000006d39 T unix_getitimer
0000000000006310 T unix_getlogin
0000000000006344 T unix_getnameinfo
00000000000064bc T unix_getpeername
0000000000006510 T unix_getpid
0000000000006528 T unix_getppid
00000000000065ec T unix_getprotobyname
000000000000660c T unix_getprotobynumber
0000000000006768 T unix_getpwnam
0000000000006788 T unix_getpwuid
00000000000068d7 T unix_getservbyname
00000000000068f7 T unix_getservbyport
0000000000006924 T unix_getsockname
000000000000867c T unix_getsockopt
0000000000008400 T unix_getsockopt_aux
00000000000067ac T unix_gettimeofday
0000000000006978 T unix_getuid
0000000000006a1e T unix_gmtime
0000000000005290 T unix_inet_addr_of_string
0000000000006bd0 T unix_initgroups
0000000000006bfc T unix_isatty
0000000000006d78 T unix_kill
0000000000006db4 T unix_link
0000000000006dd8 T unix_listen
0000000000006a5e T unix_localtime
0000000000006e08 T unix_lockf
0000000000006f70 T unix_lseek
000000000000700f T unix_lseek_64
0000000000008962 T unix_lstat
0000000000008a9d T unix_lstat_64
000000000000708c T unix_mkdir
00000000000070b4 T unix_mkfifo
0000000000006a9e T unix_mktime
00000000000070dc T unix_nice
0000000000007138 T unix_open
0000000000007228 T unix_opendir
0000000000007278 T unix_pipe
00000000000072c8 T unix_putenv
0000000000007388 T unix_read
0000000000007460 T unix_readdir
00000000000074a0 T unix_readlink
00000000000078b4 T unix_recv
00000000000079c2 T unix_recvfrom
00000000000074e4 T unix_rename
0000000000007508 T unix_rewinddir
0000000000007538 T unix_rmdir
00000000000076d8 T unix_select
0000000000007b12 T unix_send
0000000000007ce6 T unix_sendto
0000000000007be1 T unix_sendto_native
0000000000005878 T unix_set_close_on_exec
00000000000057d4 T unix_set_nonblock
0000000000007d0c T unix_setgid
0000000000007d38 T unix_setgroups
0000000000006cce T unix_setitimer
0000000000007dac T unix_setsid
00000000000086bc T unix_setsockopt
00000000000085b5 T unix_setsockopt_aux
0000000000007dc4 T unix_setuid
0000000000007df0 T unix_shutdown
0000000000007f8e T unix_sigpending
0000000000007f1e T unix_sigprocmask
0000000000007fc3 T unix_sigsuspend
0000000000009651 T unix_single_write
0000000000008010 T unix_sleep
0000000000008030 T unix_socket
0000000000008384 T unix_socketpair
00000000000088e8 T unix_stat
0000000000008a58 T unix_stat_64
0000000000008b28 T unix_string_of_inet_addr
0000000000008b8c T unix_symlink
0000000000008fb7 T unix_tcdrain
000000000000901f T unix_tcflow
0000000000008fe3 T unix_tcflush
0000000000008bb0 T unix_tcgetattr
0000000000008f88 T unix_tcsendbreak
0000000000008d78 T unix_tcsetattr
000000000000905c T unix_time
000000000000907c T unix_times
0000000000009138 T unix_truncate
000000000000915f T unix_truncate_64
0000000000009188 T unix_umask
0000000000009314 T unix_unlink
0000000000009338 T unix_utimes
0000000000009497 T unix_wait
00000000000094d9 T unix_waitpid
0000000000009540 T unix_write
0000000000002a6e T thread_delay
000000000000288e T thread_id
0000000000002a04 T thread_inchan_ready
000000000000248e T thread_initialize
00000000000026a4 T thread_initialize_preemption
0000000000002ac2 T thread_join
0000000000002b7b T thread_kill
00000000000026e7 T thread_new
0000000000002a1b T thread_outchan_ready
00000000000028b8 T thread_request_reschedule
0000000000002956 T thread_select
0000000000002b73 T thread_self
00000000000028dc T thread_sleep
0000000000002c9c T thread_uncaught_exception
0000000000002afc T thread_wait_pid
00000000000028fe T thread_wait_read
000000000000292a T thread_wait_timed_read
0000000000002940 T thread_wait_timed_write
0000000000002914 T thread_wait_write
0000000000002b22 T thread_wakeup
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