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#Headless Setup of Raspberry Pi Zero W (Raspberry Pi 3 Wireless) (macOS)

  1. Formatt the Micro SD card - Open a terminal and type 'diskutil list'. Find your card and copy the disk name (For example: /dev/disk4). Format the card with diskutil eraseDisk ExFat temp disk4(Use your disk here)
  2. Download Raspbian - wget
  3. Unmount the SD card - diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4 or whatever your disk path is
  4. Mount the Raspbian image to the card - sudo dd if=PATH-TO-RASPBIAN-IMAGE of=/dev/disk4` or whatever your disk path is
  5. Enable SSH on the Pi - cd /volumes && ls. You should see a boot partition from the SD card cd boot && touch ssh
  6. Setup WiFi on the PI - While still in the boot partition of the card type nano wpa_supplicant.conf and enter network={ ssid="YOUR-SSID" psk="YOUR-WIFI-PASSWORD" }
  7. Boot the PI - Unmount the card diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4 (or whatever your disk path is) and put it in the Pi, then power up the Pi
  8. SSH Into the Pi - Find the Pi's IP on your network by running arp -a or using an app like LanScan and ssh into it ssh pi@YOUR_PIS-IP. THe default password is raspberry
  9. Add your SSH key to the PI - While in the Pi run install -d -m 700 ~/.ssh. On you machine run cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh <USERNAME>@<IP-ADDRESS> 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'

YouTube video of this setup:

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