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Created December 21, 2016 16:13
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React Native MJPEG
var styles = StyleSheet.create({
backgroundVideo: {
return (
contentInset={{top: 0, right: 0, left: 0, bottom: 0}}
source={{html: this.formatHtml(), baseUrl: '/'}} />
formatHtml () {
return ('<html><body><img src="' + this.props.mpjegUrl + '" width="100%" style="background-color: white; min-height: 100%; min-width: 100%; position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0;"></body></html>');
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It’s doesn’t work for me with react-native-video. Can you share me your code please ?

What format is your video in?

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KrifaYounes commented Jun 17, 2020

I use flask like this.
It’s mjpeg format, it doesn’t work woth react native video.
Have you a other solution ?

def video_feed():
# return the response generated along with the specific media
# type (mime type)
return Response(generate(),
mimetype = "multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=frame")

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Overdrive141 commented Jun 18, 2020 via email

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KrifaYounes commented Jun 18, 2020

ok i will search other streaming solutions but I use OpenCV with python for face detection.
Have you some recommandations to optimize Webview streaming for android ?

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Overdrive141 commented Jun 18, 2020 via email

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paxme commented Jun 17, 2022

Thanks man!

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