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Froala Editor with Webpack 4
<!doctype html>
<title>Froala with Webpack</title>
<div id="editor"></div>
<script src="dist/bundle.js"></script>
let $ = require('jquery');
window.$ = $;
window.jQuery = $;
const path = require('path');
const webpack = require('webpack');
module.exports = {
entry: './index.js',
output: {
path: path.resolve(__dirname, 'dist'),
filename: 'bundle.js'
resolve: {
modules: ['node_modules']
plugins: [
new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
$: "jquery",
jQuery: "jquery"
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rpearce commented Apr 3, 2019

@stefanneculai What would you recommend for a setup that minimizes its output? Webpack recommends using TerserPlugin and will apparently be including it as the default minimizer for webpack@5. It works fine for me with

      minimizer: [
        new TerserPlugin({
          cache: true,
          exclude: /\.min\.js$/gi,
          parallel: true,
          sourceMap: true
        // ...

but I'm really struggling with having custom plugins work (seeing a lot of t[n] is not a constructor from froala) (looks like using function instead of () => syntax played a big role here). I'll consider opening an issue, but do you have any recommendations for building for production with froala?

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