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OK to be not OK - recognise weakness - stay in the flow!
Yesterday I was so tired. Didn't get any night sleep. I had a flight at 7am. I was driving from Wales, arrived to the place around 1:30am and I had to vacate it London.
Luton airport is towards Wales and I would make a better decision book a parking (official was £100+ more than a return flight) but it would be possible to find some alternatives.
(EDIT / UPDATE: maybe I wanted to be “stuck” in London - decent reason to go back)
Another uncool thing - the startup ticket for 100 CHF sold out - I tried to hassle to much, get 30% discount by paying in BTC. By the time I got reply they were all gone…
Not ideal logistics, lack of sleep, sold out tickets = not good.
Needless to say my energy wasn't there and I wasn’t in the flow…
It's OK to be not OK. Recognise your energy is not there. Do not make difficult decisions, minimise the damage.
On that day there was the Apple keynote - found a meetup group - Startup Grind at Google Offices - met
Martin from CouchSurfing - fast internet - proper sleep - proper breakfast - the next day connecting with Charles and crashing the gate for Digital Festival that was rather pricey. Remember that conference that was sold out? Met the CEO and told me to enter for free...
One day of low energy - no need to panic - stay in the flow - fuck the system.
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