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Last active February 27, 2023 18:33
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[Drupal 8] Create file/ media_entity programmatically
$filesystem = \Drupal::service('file_system');
// Create file entity.
$image = File::create();
$image->setMimeType('image/' . pathinfo($destination, PATHINFO_EXTENSION));
// Create media entity with saved file.
$image_media = Media::create([
'bundle' => 'image',
'uid' => \Drupal::currentUser()->id(),
'langcode' => \Drupal::languageManager()->getDefaultLanguage()->getId(),
'status' => Media::PUBLISHED,
'field_image' => [
'target_id' => $image->id(),
'alt' => t('Placeholder image'),
'title' => t('Placeholder image'),
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mhentry commented May 7, 2020

Hi Chris, thank you for the reply. If I use autocomplete it will difficult for the editor to browse the existing image they required.

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Romaixn commented Oct 5, 2020

Don't you need to set the thumbnail and field_media_image key in the Media entity too ?
For my case, without that, my media entity was associated with a default file.

"thumbnail" => [
     "target_id" => $file->id(),
     "alt" => $file->getFilename(),
"field_media_image" => [
    "target_id" => $file->id(),
     "alt" => $file->getFilename(),

Thanks a lot, that worked with "thumbnail" 👍

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