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@stefl stefl/fix.js
Created May 19, 2018

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Fix for Next.js / React SSR meta tags have URL-encoded content
// React SSR renders out <meta tags with URL-encoded values.
// That's bad if you need query parameters in your URLs.
// Before: <meta property="og:image"
// content=";h=630&amp;fit=crop&amp;crop=entropy&amp;auto=format&amp;ixlib=js-1.1.1" class="next-head"/>
// (Notice the &amp;s in the URL)
// After: <meta property="og:image"
// content="" class="next-head"/>
// (Notice &amp; is now correctly &
// Use a custom Express server and add this middleware at the top of the middleware stack
const interceptor = require('express-interceptor');
const Entities = require('html-entities').AllHtmlEntities;
const entities = new Entities()
const metaContentFixer = interceptor(function(req, res){
return {
isInterceptable: function (rq, rs) {
// Only alter HTML
//console.log('is interceptable',res.get('Content-Type'))
return /text\/html/.test(res.get('Content-Type'));
intercept: function (body, send) {
// Regex matches anything with a content="" attribute. Adjust this for your own needs.
send(body.toString().replace(/content="([^"]+)"/g, function(match, content) {
console.log('replace', content)
return `content="${entities.decode(content)}"`
const server = express()
... the rest of your Express setup.
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