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Created Dec 9, 2020
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from coldtype import *
from coldtype.warping import warp_fn
"""If you add this code to a file in the coldtype repo, you can run it as `coldtype`"""
obv = Font.Cacheable("assets/ColdtypeObviously-VF.ttf")
logos = raw_ufo("assets/logos.ufo")
@renderable((1200, 600))
def nameplate(r, fontSize=500, wdth=0.25, rotate=0):
return (DATPenSet([
Style(obv, fontSize, wdth=wdth, tu=-50, r=1, rotate=rotate))
.color_phototype(r, cutw=10)),
.f(hsl(0.61, s=0.7, l=0.6))
.color_phototype(r, blur=8)
.color_phototype(r, blur=1, cutw=50))
def square(r):
hr = r.take(0.3333, "mny").round()
return (nameplate.func(hr, 350, 0.5, 20)
+ nameplate.func(hr, 350, 0.4, 10).translate(0, hr.h)
+ nameplate.func(hr, 350, 0.25, 0).translate(0, hr.h*2))
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