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% ./build/exec/idris2 --help
Idris 2, version 0.3.0-9c54d659f
Usage: idris2 [options] [input file]
Available options:
--check, -c Exit after checking source file
--output, -o <file> Specify output file
--exec, -x <name> Execute function after checking source file
--no-prelude Don't implicitly import Prelude
--codegen, --cg <backend> Set code generator (default chez)
--directive <directive> Pass a directive to the current code generator
--package, -p <package> Add a package as a dependency
--source-dir <dir> Set source directory
--build-dir <dir> Set build directory
--output-dir <dir> Set output directory
--prefix Show installation prefix
--paths Show paths
--libdir Show library directory
--build <package file> Build modules/executable for the given package
--install <package file> Install the given package
--typecheck <package file> Typechecks the given package without code generation
--clean <package file> Clean intermediate files/executables for the given package
--repl <package file> Build the given package and launch a REPL instance.
--find-ipkg Find and use an .ipkg file in a parent directory
--ide-mode Run the REPL with machine-readable syntax
--ide-mode-socket [host:port] Run the ide socket mode on given host and port (default "localhost:38398")
--client <REPL command> Run a REPL command then quit immediately
--timing Display timing logs
--no-banner Suppress the banner
--quiet, -q Quiet mode; display fewer messages
--console-width <console width> Width for console output (0 for unbounded) (auto by default)
--color, --colour Forces colored console output (enabled by default)
--no-color, --no-colour Disables colored console output
--verbose Verbose mode (default)
--log <log level> Global log level (0 by default)
--version, -v Display version string
--help, -h, -? Display help text
Environment variables:
EDITOR Editor used in REPL :e command
IDRIS2_PREFIX Idris2 installation prefix
IDRIS2_PATH Places Idris2 looks for import files
IDRIS2_DATA Places Idris2 looks for data files
IDRIS2_LIBS Places Idris2 looks for libraries (for code generation)
IDRIS2_CG Idris2 CG directories
CHEZ chez executable used in Chez codegen
RACKET racket executable used in Racket codegen
RACKET_RACO raco executable used in Racket codegen
GAMBIT_GSI gsi executable used in Gambit codegen
GAMBIT_GSC gsc executable used in Gambit codegen
GAMBIT_GSC_BACKEND gsc executable backend argument
IDRIS2_CC C compiler executable used in RefC codegen
CC C compiler executable used in RefC codegen
NODE node executable used in Node codegen
PATH PATH variable is used to search for executables in certain codegens
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