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Mobius time!
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stepango /
Created Nov 17, 2018
Remove all build folders
rm -rf `find . -type d -name build`
stepango / ObservableFields.kt
Created Jul 19, 2018
Observable fields mapping
View ObservableFields.kt
val nameText = ObservableBoolean(nameHint) { it.isEmpty() }
fun <T: Any> ObservableBoolean(o: ObservableField<T>, f:(T) -> Boolean): ObservableBoolean {
return ObservableBoolean()
.apply {
o.observe {
stepango / build.gradle
Last active Jun 23, 2018
Alternative build dir
View build.gradle
// your_project_folder/build.gradle
allprojects {
if (new File("your_ram_disk_path").exists())
buildDir = "your_ram_disk_path/build/${}/${}"
stepango /
Last active Jun 23, 2018
In-Memory HFS+
# OSX 4Gb with `RAMDisk` name
diskutil erasevolume HFS+ 'RAMDisk' `hdiutil attach -nomount ram://8388608`
stepango / keyboard.lua
Last active Feb 15, 2019
Hammerspoon change layout from Russian to English
View keyboard.lua
ctrlPressed = false
keyPressed = false
layoutWatcher ={hs.eventtap.event.types.flagsChanged, hs.eventtap.event.types.keyUp}, function(e)
local flags = e:getFlags()
local keyCode = e:getKeyCode()
if flags.cmd and keyCode == 0x36 and not (flags.alt or flags.shift or flags.ctrl or flags.fn) then
ctrlPressed = true
keyPressed = false
elseif ctrlPressed and not (flags.cmd or flags.alt or flags.shift or flags.ctrl or flags.fn) and not keyPressed then
package com.ninetyseconds.auckland.di;
@kotlin.Metadata(mv = {1, 1, 6}, bv = {1, 0, 1}, k = 1, d1 = {"\u0000\u00ea\u0001\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0002\u0010\u0000\n\u0002\b\u0002\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u0002\u0018\u0002\n\u0000\n\u000
stepango / ShareAudio.kt
Created May 6, 2017
Share audio file using Android Intent
View ShareAudio.kt
fun shareItem(item: RecordingItem) {
val requestFile = File(item.filePath)
// Use the FileProvider to get a content URI
val fileUri: Uri = FileProvider.getUriForFile(
View gist:e1785579ab0b5a4389a8c726e453080f
val curried: (Int) -> (Int) -> (Int) -> Int = { i1 -> { i2 -> { i3 -> i1 + i2 + i3 } } }
val partial: (Int) -> (Int) -> Int = curried(2)
stepango / NewFeature.kts
Created Apr 10, 2017
new feature branch kotlin script
View NewFeature.kts
fun exec(str: String) = ProcessBuilder(str.split(" "))
public final class ApiService implements UserApi, EditsApi, TasksApi, TodosApi, ShootsApi, OthersApi, BrandsApi, BriefsApi, CreatorApi, IdeatesApi, ProjectsApi, PromotesApi, LocationApi, FeedbackApi, ActivityApi, ResourcesApi, WorkflowsApi, ContractsApi, CategoriesApi, AttachmentsApi, RegistrationApi, OpportunitiesApi {
// $FF: synthetic field
private final UserApi $$delegate_0;
// $FF: synthetic field
private final EditsApi $$delegate_1;
// $FF: synthetic field
private final TasksApi $$delegate_2;
// $FF: synthetic field
private final TodosApi $$delegate_3;
// $FF: synthetic field
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