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AuditDummy: handy for use in PaperTrail for a fake user that can have a GID
# ,ggg,
# dP""8I 8I I8
# dP 88 8I I8
# dP 88 presentsL 8I gg 88888888
# ,8' 88 8I "" I8
# ,gggggggggggg, d88888888 gg gg ,gggg,8I gg I8
# dP"""88""""""Y8b, __ ,8" 88 I8 8I dP" "Y8I 88 I8
# Yb, 88 `8b, dP" ,8P Y8 I8, ,8I i8' ,8I 88 ,I8,
# `" 88 `8b Yb,_,dP `8b,,d8b, ,d8b,,d8, ,d8b,_,88,_,d88b,
# 88 Y8 "Y8P" `Y88P'"Y88P"`Y8P"Y8888P"`Y88P""Y88P""Y8
# 88 d8gg gg ,ggg,,ggg,,ggg, ,ggg,,ggg,,ggg, gg gg
# 88 ,8PI8 8I ,8" "8P" "8P" "8, ,8" "8P" "8P" "8, I8 8I
# 88 ,8P'I8, ,8I I8 8I 8I 8I I8 8I 8I 8I I8, ,8I
# 88______,dP',d8b, ,d8b,,dP 8I 8I Yb,,dP 8I 8I Yb,,d8b, ,d8I
# 888888888P" 8P'"Y88P"`Y88P' 8I 8I `Y88P' 8I 8I `Y8P""Y88P"888
# ,d8I'
# This is a simple little shim for use with GlobalID, ,dP'8I
# so as to easily insert special identifiers into the ,8" 8I
# PaperTrail Whodunnit field. I8 8I
# `8, ,8I
# `Y8P"
class AuditDummy
include GlobalID::Identification
def self.find(id)
def initialize(id)
@id = id
attr_reader :id
alias name id
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