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@namespace url(;
@-moz-document url("") {
.ev_1, .ev_2, .ev_3, .ev_4, .ev_5, .ev_6,
.ev_1 .box, .ev_2 .box, .ev_3 .box, .ev_4 .box, .ev_5 .box, .ev_6 .box {
border: 5px solid #000;
.ev_7, .ev_8, .ev_9, .ev_10, .ev_11, .ev_12,
.ev_7 .box, .ev_8 .box, .ev_9 .box, .ev_10 .box, .ev_11 .box, .ev_12 .box {
border: 5px solid rgb(230,159,0);
.ev_13, .ev_14, .ev_15, .ev_16, .ev_17, .ev_18,
.ev_13 .box, .ev_14 .box, .ev_15 .box, .ev_16 .box, .ev_17 .box, .ev_18 .box {
border: 5px solid rgb(0,158,115);
.ev_19, .ev_20, .ev_21, .ev_22, .ev_23, .ev_24,
.ev_19 .box, .ev_20 .box, .ev_21 .box, .ev_22 .box, .ev_23 .box, .ev_24 .box {
border: 5px solid rgb(0,114,179);
.ev_25, .ev_26, .ev_27, .ev_28, .ev_29, .ev_30,
.ev_25 box, .ev_26 .box, .ev_27 .box, .ev_28 .box, .ev_29 .box, .ev_30 .box {
border: 5px solid rgb(204,121,167);
.ev_1 .box,
.ev_7 .box,
.ev_19 .box,
.ev_13 .box,
.ev_25 .box {
border-width: 0 0 0 5px;
.ev_2 .box,
.ev_8 .box,
.ev_14 .box,
.ev_20 .box,
.ev_26 .box {
border-width: 0 0 5px 0;
.ev_3 .box,
.ev_9 .box,
.ev_15 .box,
.ev_21 .box,
.ev_27 .box {
border-width: 0 5px 0 0;
.ev_4 .box,
.ev_10 .box,
.ev_16 .box,
.ev_22 .box,
.ev_28 .box {
border-width: 5px 0 0 0;
.ev_5 .box,
.ev_11 .box,
.ev_17 .box,
.ev_23 .box,
.ev_29 .box {
border-width: 5px 0;
.ev_6 .box,
.ev_12 .box,
.ev_18 .box,
.ev_24 .box,
.ev_30 .box {
border-width: 0px 5px;
.lev1 {
border: none !important;
.box {
border-radius: 0 !important;
left: 4px !important;
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