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Redcarpet (Markdown) template handler for Rails 3.1.
# config/initializers/redcarpet.rb
class ActionView::Template
class Redcarpet < Handler
include Handlers::Compilable
def compile template
register_template_handler :markdown, Redcarpet

avand commented Sep 20, 2011

Slick. Is there a way to wire the markdown file up so you can do ERB-like stuff (like iterating over objects), etc.?


stephencelis commented Sep 20, 2011

As long as you name the template {template_name}.html.markdown.erb, it should let you embed ERB tags into the Markdown document.

sjoonk commented Sep 26, 2011

FYI, I changed my template name as {template_name}.html.markdown.erb, but didn't work. "No such page" error occurred.

This mostly worked for me (Awesome!) but the generated html ended up being escaped. I used the following (copied from the markdown-rails gem) instead:

 markdown.render(template.source).inspect + '.html_safe'
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