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#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Works best with blinking text: the last heart will blink when you have less
# than 25% of your battery life remaining.
# Add the following to your `~/.tmux.conf`;
# set -g status-right "#[fg=red]#(path/to/ "
battery="$(pmset -g ps | awk 'NR==2' | perl -pe 's/.*?(\d+)%.*/\1/')"
if [[ $battery -lt 25 ]]; then
echo "#[blink]♥#[noblink]♡♡"
elif [[ $battery -lt 50 ]]; then
echo "♥♡♡"
elif [[ $battery -lt 75 ]]; then
echo "♥♥♡"
echo "♥♥♥"
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