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Pretty big/breaking change in the new Ruby 2.0.0 patch level (p0 => p195).
def keyword_fun arg = nil, **options
[arg, options]
keyword_fun hello: 'world', 'goodnight' => 'moon'
# Ruby 2.0.0p0
# => [nil, {:hello=>"world", "goodnight"=>"moon"}]
# Ruby 2.0.0p195
# => [{"goodnight"=>"moon"}, {:hello=>"world"}]

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rantler commented May 16, 2013

nasty bug. But, tbh I would never write a hash that mixed old and new styles like that.


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stephencelis commented May 17, 2013

Yeah, it's just more surprising than anything else. You can no longer pass a HashWithIndifferentAccess as keyword arguments, or use **options to extract the last hash from *args (you have to use Array#pop or Array#extract_options!, as before).

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