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@stepheneb stepheneb/gist:28329
Created Nov 24, 2008

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Set's the title of the OTViewer window frame.
Hides a JTree navigation component that appears on theleft.
Shows the Java console.
Description of the difference between running an activity in learner mode and author mode
Running an OTrunk example in learner mode uses the default view mode which assumes a learner. In addition if you use the File menu to save the otml only the differences between the activity otml and the changes will be saved. The otml saved is the learner difference otml and is often much smaller than activty otml.
Running an OTrunk example in author mode sets the following jnlp properties:
* otrunk.view.mode=authoring
Setting to true causes the entire OTrunk state to be saved as otml when a File save is performed. Setting otrunk.view.mode to authoring is used in the view system to enable authoring affordances in the views. Many examples do not have special authoring views. The Basic Example: document-edit.otml does have both authoring and student view modes.
Turns on display of the memory status indicator status
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