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Created Jan 13, 2009

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Working with git from Eclipse
(using my fork of ardor3dv1 as an example.
Add the eclipse git plugin update site:
I'm using the Tentative Build sub-update site -- it has the latest builds.
Gou need to use git from the command line to initially clone the project:
git clone git://
Once you've done that (and added the egit plugin) you can add ardor3dv1 to a workspace or make a new one and import the projects in that folder (you don't need the project_sets project).
Then select all 9 of the new ardor3dv1 projects in Eclipse and open Team::Sharing and select Git as the repo type have it search for existing Git repos -- you need to iterate through this dialog for each project. All 9 of the ardor3dv1 projects are now under one git repo.
The Project Explorer window should now look something like this:
Select one of the ardor3dv1 projects and choose Team::Branch and click "New Branch" and select the remote branch origin/macosx:
Finish this operation by checking out the new local branch "macosx" into your working dir:
All 9 projects managed by this one git repo should now be on the macosx branch:
If you want to experiment create your own branch by following the last two steps again.
If you make changes in a file that git is tracking you will need to commit it locally before git will allow you to switch to another branch.
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