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Created June 3, 2017 18:54
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Assembler simulator bubble sort
; Runs on
MOV C, data ; C tracks the address of end
ADD C, 16 ; of the unsorted section of data.
DEC C ; One byte is sorted each pass
MOV D, data ; Start of the data
MOV A, [D]
CMP A, [D+1] ; Compare two adjacent values
JNA noswap ; jump if the don't need swapping
MOV B, [D+1] ; swap the two values
MOV [D+1], A
MOV [D], B
INC D ; Move along the data one byte
JB bubble ; loop if there's more unsorted data
CMP C, data
JNB start ; start again unless we've sorted all values.
DB "_______" ; Align the sorted data nicely.
DB "QWERTYUIOPASDFGH" ; 16 characters to sort.
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