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Created January 7, 2023 17:53
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"source_name":"European Environmental Agency",
"source_dataset":"Nationally Designated Protected Areas Inventory",
"license_type":"CC-BY (equivalent)",
"license_text":"EEA standard re-use policy: unless otherwise indicated, re-use of content on the EEA website for commercial or non-commercial purposes is permitted free of charge, provided that the source is acknowledged ( Copyright holder: European Environment Agency (EEA); Estonian Environmental Register 01.01.2021; Land Burgenland, Land Kärnten, Land Niederösterreich, Land Oberösterreich, Land Salzburg, Land Steiermark, Land Tirol, Land Vorarlberg, Stadt Wien aggregated by Austrian Environment Agency.",
"countries":"Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Norway, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Montenegro, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Kosovo, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Hungary, Greenland, Greece, Germany, French Southern Territories, French Guiana, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czechia, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Austria, Andorra, Albania, Åland Islands",
"note":"Direct import of source data, slight modifications to attributes. No modification to geometries. License terms are the same between 2019-2022 archived and non-archived links.",
"description":"The dataset contains data on individual nationally Designated Areas and corresponding Protected Site spatial features in EEA member and collaborating countries."
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