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Created November 3, 2010 10:22
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Upload and store image with Play! Framework
public class Application extends Controller {
public static void index() {
public static void uploadPicture(Picture picture) {;
public static void getPicture(long id) {
Picture picture = Picture.findById(id);
#{list items:models.Picture.findAll(), as:'picture'}
<li>${} <img src="@{Application.getPicture(}" /></li>
#{form @Application.uploadPicture(), enctype:'multipart/form-data'}
<input type="file" name="picture.image" />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save" />
public class Picture extends Model {
public Blob image;
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stewarf commented Mar 18, 2013

Also you can use the routes file to create friendly urls in the image links:


GET /images/blobstored/{id}.jpg Application.getPicture


<img src="/images/blobstored/${}.jpg" />

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Hello, how to do the same in current version of play framework for java 2.1.1?
I didn't understand how to write " renderBinary(picture.image.get()); " in play 2?

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frankhn commented Aug 16, 2018

got it, what if i want to save the image to a folder and path to the database
please guide me , am using play 2.6; and how would i retrieve the image then? thanks in advance

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