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Created November 18, 2010 02:24
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call Wikipedia API using jQuery and parse result
<div id="insertTest"></div>
var wikipediaHTMLResult = function(data) {
var readData = $('<div>' + data.parse.text.* + '</div>');
// handle redirects
var redirect = readData.find('li:contains("REDIRECT") a').text();
if(redirect != '') {
var box = readData.find('.infobox');
var binomialName = box.find('.binomial').text();
var fishName = box.find('th').first().text();
var imageURL = null;
// Check if page has images
if(data.parse.images.length >= 1) {
imageURL = box.find('img').first().attr('src');
$('#insertTest').append('<div><img src="'+ imageURL + '"/>'+ fishName +' <i>('+ binomialName +')</i></div>');
function callWikipediaAPI(wikipediaPage) {
$.getJSON('', {page:wikipediaPage, prop:'text|images', uselang:'en'}, wikipediaHTMLResult);
$.getJSON("", {page:pageName, prop:"text"}, wikipediaHTMLResult);
$.getJSON("", {titles:pageName, prop: "images"}, wikipediaImageResult);
$.getJSON("", {titles:pageName, prop: "revisions", rvprop:"content"}, wikipediaPageResult);
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tjtate commented Dec 20, 2012

you should change:




took me a while to figure out why my browser didnt like the * json object. thanks for posting your work.

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thanks indeed!

but here it works with data.parse.text["*"]

extra dot is not necessary I think

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Have you had any luck getting this to work in Safari? I've not. It gives me:

'''ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery110209405261517968029_1390676300501'''

Interestingly, if I use the web inspector to follow through to wikipedia's api.php, I can see the object trying to come back:


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